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Australia RTW label created to stand out & take charge.

Bringing a confident attitude into fashion, creating show-stopping pieces. Our brand represents an attitude that says "I've arrived and I'm ready to take on the world". We want women to feel beautiful, strong, courageous and cool when they put on Rocky Rafaela, so they can conquer anything that comes their way.

The brand is uncompromising.

This is a key principle for Rocky Rafaela and makes it unlike anything else. This principle starts with high quality fabrics, manipulated until they are exactly what was envisioned. These include hand-carved leather hides, hand dying, weaving leather, laser cutting and embroidery. The design and development process is extremely experimental, we will try anything and everything and won't stop until we get the best look and the highest quality finish. Then high level, low volume artisan production, with the highest quality control. The end result is a truly unique product, something of immense pride, something that has its own energy and fierce, confident and uncompromising attitude.

Rocky Rafaela is loved by some of the most stylish men & women on the planet. Stylists and celebrities across the globe also clicked with the brands aesthetic and it carved a niche quickly. Featured in music videos such as the DNCE- BODY MOVES film clip, and worn as a trophy piece on Ruby Rose for Maybeline New York's "No Maybe's".

The brand also creates custom design leather pieces for customers including the likes of Mohamed Hadid and his daughters Alana Hadid and Bella Hadid in LA.

Rocky Rafaela has become a brand to watch, it is stocked in boutiques around Australia and North America.



She is ready to kick-ass and take charge.

She is brave, authentic, powerful, magnetic and energetic.

She dresses to impress. She’s done with making excuses and acting small. She’s learned to ignore anyone who says she can’t, because they’re wrong.

Rocky Rafaela gives every woman a chance to reveal a signature flair that honours both her physical and mental strength. She dresses up for graceful evenings, or down for an off-duty model look.

She’s fierce but soft at the same time, hiding nothing to face the world with courage earned through making mistakes and coming back stronger. She has doubts and fears like anyone else, but she acts in spite of them, creating her own style with no regrets.

So what is her style? It’s raw and natural and all her own. It’s bold, chic and strong because she is unique. The Rocky girl is not afraid to experiment, walk the line, dress up and handle whatever the world throws at her.



A born creative, Rochelle Gregory Graduated from Whitehouse University of Design in 2014, where she graduated bachelor of design. From a teen she has battled with mental health however found her medicine through design.

It wasn't until she was chosen to showcase her graduate collection at Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival that she saw this is what she was born to do.

"It was the moment i saw the energy of my work walk down the runway, i got goosebumps and a feeling I had never had before. For the first time I felt like I had a purpose and I was born to do this. With an overwhelming response from thousands of people, I then had the confidence to really put myself out there." 

She then applied for a design internship with Alexander Wang in New York and out of thousands of applicants came down to the final two. Another girl was chosen, Rochelle wasn't deterred, she took this rejection as fuel and picked herself back up. With strong vision, uncapped creative energy and huge determination she made the leap and started Rocky Rafaela.

Rochelle is very much a true expression of her brand. She continues to use her battles with mental health as inspiration, refuses to compromise, creates very intricate and truly unique pieces that tell a deep story. Both Rochelle and the Rocky Rafaela brand share an energy, are truly unique, confident, passionate and are ready to share it with the world.





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