Australian designer Rochelle Gregory’s brand, Rockyrafaela, has become a fashion sensation embraced by influential celebrities, solidifying its position as a go-to choice for those seeking unique and personalized fashion statements. Ruby Rose's endorsement proved transformative as a chance meeting led to a personalized Rockrafaela jacket, prominently featured in the “No Maybes” advetisment by Maybelline New York, catapulting the brand into the global spotlight. Gigi Hadid also showcased Rockyrafaela in Maybelline New Yorks ad called “Maybelline 100”, sparking the Hadid family's interest and paving the way for collaborations and custom creations. A friendship between Alana Hadid and Rochelle blossomed into creative collaborations, resulting in unique painted leather jackets worn by celebrities like Dua Lipa, Kendall Jenner, Bella and Gigi Hadid, as well as Hailey Bieber. Paris Hilton was even captivated by the Rockyrafaela jackets at an LA event, and reached out for her own Rockrafaela X La Distress collab jacket, opting for a vibrant red alternative. Hailey Bieber, owning two Rockyrafaela jackets, chose the 2-tone biker and received a collaboration piece from the Rcokyrafaela X La Detresse Collection. Custom creations for Robbie Williams during a European tour and a chance lunch meeting with Mohammed Hadid in Beverly Hills resulted in both celebrities being spotted in iconic Rockyrafaela jackets. Australian icon Sophie Monk discovered her favourite jacket on set and expanded her collection with silk shirts from Rockyrafaela. Nicole Ari Parker, introduced to the brand by Lilly Becker in London, became a devoted customer, showcasing the brand's popularity among A-listers. The Veronicas fell in love with the Rockyrafaela jackets backstage at one of their concerts, cementing the brand as a must-have in their fashion repertoire. The rise of Rocky Rafaela in the fashion industry is a story not only of innovative designs but of the brand's ability to resonate with and be embraced by celebrities who appreciate its unique flair. The influential embrace of Rockyrafaela by celebrities and influencers hGregory, propelling her to craft more exciting and engaging collections. The collaborations with icons like Ruby Rose, Gigi Hadid, Paris Hilton, and others have not only elevated the brand's visibility but have also inspired Rochelle to push the boundaries of her creativity. Each celebrity interaction, from custom designs for Hailey Bieber to collaborations with Alana Hadid, has fueled Rochelle's commitment to innovation. The tours with Robbie Williams and the lunch meeting with Mohammed Hadid have provided valuable insights, fostering growth and evolution. These celebrity stories, from Sophie Monk's on-set discovery to Nicole Ari Parker's devotion, affirm Rockyrafaela's enduring appeal and promise future collections that will captivate a broader audience with their freshness and creativity.

WORDS Rochelle Gregory PHOTO Rochelle Gregory

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