Rochelle Gregory's creative journey is both compelling and inspirational. Graduating from Whitehouse University of Design in 2014, she demonstrated a strong vision, limitless creative energy, and unwavering determination, earning her a bachelor's degree in design. Despite grappling with mental health challenges since her teenage years, Rochelle discovered a therapeutic outlet in design, viewing it as her medicine.

Her first collection, titled "My Mind as a Maze," encapsulated the emotional struggle of feeling trapped.  However, as she delved into the creative process of designing mazes and later on cages, a transformative experience unfolded. The act of design became a liberating force, breaking the chains of her mental constraints. Rochelle expressed, "It wasn't until I created the cage that I felt free, and that's what design did. It free’d me."

Rochelle Gregory's journey reached a defining moment when she was selected to showcase her graduate collection at the Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival. The experience of witnessing the energy of her work strutting down the runway was a pivotal moment for Rochelle. She recalls getting goosebumps and experiencing a profound feeling she had never felt before. In that moment, she found a sense of purpose and clarity, realizing that she was born to pursue a career in fashion and design. This revelation marked a turning point in her life, setting the stage for the remarkable creative path that would follow.

Following her graduation and the recognition of her talent, Rochelle aimed high by applying for an internship with her favorite designer at the time, Alexander Wang, in New York. The application process was highly competitive, with thousands of applicants vying for the opportunity. Remarkably, Rochelle emerged as one of the final two candidates, a testament to her skill and determination. Ultimately, the position went to the other applicant.

Rather than letting this setback deter her, Rochelle harnessed it as ammunition for her go-getter personality. Undeterred by her lack of experience in both business and fashion, she resolved to forge her own path. Rochelle, fueled by her dream and an unshakeable belief in her innate creativity, embarked on the journey of creating her own brand.

Rochelle's brand is a true reflection of her, embodying her resilience, refusal to compromise, and a commitment to creating intricate and uniquely expressive pieces. Both Rochelle and the Rocky Rafaela brand exude a distinctive energy, confidence, and passion, ready to share their creative vision with the world.

Shortly after Rochelle started Rocky Rafaela, her show-stopping garments captured the attention of celebrities and A-listers globally. Remarkably, within just two years of launching the brand, Rochelle found herself dressing her dream celebrities. The allure of Rocky Rafaela extended beyond just clothing; it attracted individuals with a similar energy—strong women who embody the brand's essence, going for what they want and feeling unstoppable in Rocky Rafaela's designs.


In 2016, Fashion Label Rocky Rafaela Was Founded By Born Creative And Show-Stopping Designer Rochelle Gregory.

The brand quickly garnered attention for its uniqueness, and Rocky Rafaela was worn by celebrities and elites globally. Originating from humble beginnings and fueled by a fierce passion for crafting bold, unique, and authentic clothing, Rocky Rafaela has evolved into a well-established label adored by the most stylish individuals worldwide. The brand exudes an attitude that screams "I am unstoppable." Rocky Rafaela is dedicated to empowering women, helping them feel their best selves, and discovering their inner strength within—a brand with a focus on unleashing the inner wolf in every woman.