Bringing a confident attitude into fashion, creating show-stopping pieces. Our brand represents an attitude that says "I am unstoppable". We want women to feel beautiful, strong, courageous and sexy when they put on Rocky Rafaela, so they can conquer anything that comes their way.

The brand is uncompromising.

This is a key principle for Rocky Rafaela and makes it unlike anything else. This principle starts with high quality fabrics, manipulated until they are exactly what was envisioned. These include hand-carved leather hides, hand dying, weaving leather, laser cutting and embroidery. The design and development process is extremely experimental, we will try anything and everything and won't stop until we get the best look and the highest quality finish. Then high level, low volume artisan production, with the highest quality control. The end result is a truly unique product, something of immense pride, something that has its own energy and fierce, confident and uncompromising attitude.

The brand began with Rochelle creating one off hand carving leather biker jackets, to now having recently launched the RTW 23 Rocky Rafaela Rebirth, that is juxtaposed between diverse fabrics, contrasting textures and distinctive silhouettes, as well as being inspired by Rochelle's healing journey last year. "i had to become the hero i was searching for and i became the hero by creating it." 

Rocky Rafaela is loved by some of the most stylish men & women on the planet. 

Rochelle has built an impressive portfolio of clients by wearing her fashion pieces out in major global cities, and attracting celebrities with her intricate and timeless designs. Recently in 2022 she collaborated with La Detresse, luxury LA loungewear brand working with Fashion designer Alana Hadid creating hand painted leather jackets. 

Australia model and actress Ruby Rose is another fan of the brand, who wore a Rocky Rafaela jacket in Maybelline New York’s global campaign “No Maybe’s”. The brand has also been worn by Paris Hilton, Mohamed Hadid, Hailey Bieber, Gigi Hadid, The Veronica's, Rachel Zoe, Nicole Ari Parker, Lilly Becker, Elle Ferguson and Pip Edwards. And has featured in videos including Joe Jonas’ band DNCE in their Body Moves clip, and Grazia for winning the best trans-seasonal jacket. 


The ‘Rocky’ girl is bold, chic and unapologetic, whether she is dressing up for graceful evenings or down for an off-duty model look. Like Rochelle’s design and developmental process, the ‘Rocky’ girl is similarly not afraid to experiment and own her style. Each piece is completely original, starting with high quality fabrics that are manipulated until they are exactly what was envisioned.

The Rocky Rafaela girls appears to be a confident and a stylish individual who values fashion and is willing to invest in quality clothing. 

She enjoys the finer things in life and is willing to invest in her appearance. She loves to stand out of a crowd and make a presence. 



In 2016, fashion label Rocky Rafaela was founded by born creative and show-stopping designer Rochelle Gregory. The label comes from humble beginnings and a fierce passion for creating bold and authentic clothing, and is now a well-established, unique and ethically-sourced brand adored by the most stylish elites around the world. 

Rochelle graduated from Whitehouse University of Design in Melbourne in 2014, while simultaneously suffering from mental health illnesses. When she was chosen to showcase her graduate collection at Melbourne Spring Fashion Festival, Rochelle’s career was catalysed. While battling her personal struggles, Rochelle used fashion as a therapy to find her passion and purpose in life, gathering her motivation to inspire others.

Founder, Rochelle Gregory, said “Creating and designing beat anything I was going through mentally, it was an infectious energy that flowed through me and I felt on top of the world”.

She then applied for a design internship with Alexander Wang in New York and out of thousands of applicants came down to the final two. Another girl was chosen, Rochelle wasn't deterred, she took this rejection as fuel and picked herself back up. With strong vision, uncapped creative energy and huge determination she made the leap and started Rocky Rafaela.

Rochelle is very much a true expression of her brand. She continues to use her battles with mental health and her healing journey as inspiration, refuses to compromise, creates very intricate and truly unique pieces that tell a deep story. Both Rochelle and the Rocky Rafaela brand share an energy, are truly unique, confident, passionate and are ready to share it with the world.